Aiming at building the largest waterless car wash across Africa while creating 100 000+ jobs.
Saving the planet one car at a time.

Source N Wash Waterless car wash, saving the planet one car at a time. Car wash under 10mins now that’s fast. South Africa among other Global nations has long been declared as a water-scarce country, where water should be used with caution every time! The unique thing about our car wash is that it’s waterless and saves water for other important purposes, Source N Wash offers a unique business practice which caters to all kinds of motor vehicles – from motorbikes to large fleets.

We saw a gap in the market that could be capitalized on by creating employment, saving water, going green and making an impact. Water is a precious commodity and very scarce. We thought about what would be the best way to save it and still yield the same results. Many people own cars and need to keep them clean. The idea of a waterless car wash could have never come at a better time. We also go to our clients – including any event, during working hours and on weekends. Simply put, we are a Premier mobile car care and fleet company with national operational capabilities and an integrated, technology-driven fleet.

We value your patronage

For every wash we do, a percentage goes towards a charitable cause. We support: Disadvantaged Youths, Skills and Development, Environment, Health, Homelessness and Water Causes.

Strive for a Cleaner and greener world


100 +
Vehicle wash per Week
1000 +
Jobs by end of 2021
100000 L
Per car wash