We’re a mobile car care company, but we’re so much more.

Innovation company

Disrupting the industry and exciting our customers on a daily basis. 

Technology company

Building new products and services that solve challenging problems.

Conservation company

Committed to leaving the world around us better than we found it.

4IR company

Built by people for the future by people that understand change.

A waterless startup with a goal

In 2019, emerging from the idea of a shortage of water faced globally and even a nearer to home experience in Southen Africa’s capital, Source N Wash was created with the goal of simplifying the car wash experience. Loving a clean ride but frustrated by the hassle and inconvenience of getting it washed but most importantly high unemployment rate, CEO & Founder Prince Abuh envisioned a day where your car could be serviced hassle-free without you.

Today, Source N Wash primary aim is to become a national leader in delivering mobile, eco-conscious, full-service fleet cleaning and maintenance services to a variety of shared fleet providers, commercial fleets and parking locations/events.

The founder- Prince Abuh

Our global-minded visionary. Prince’s entrepreneurial spirit has always been fierce. He is the strategic force behind the company ensuring constant growth. A passion for innovation and a need for a positive footprint helped him to devise our next generation waterless car wash business and an employment avenue. Under his leadership, Source N Wash is hoped to become a great mogul as a corporate partner. This reflects in his diplomatic and respectful but strong business style. His global mindedness will help see Source N Wash doing business with over 50 countries worldwide and counting.


100 +
Vehicle wash per Week
1000 +
Jobs by end of 2021
100000 L
Per car wash