Source N Wash Product: How It Works

The waterless wash was designed with all motor vehicles in mind. It works on the surface of your car, boat, motorcycle, RV’s, bicycles, and much more.

Step 1

Spray the waterless car wash solution onto a soft microfiber cloth. The goal here is to get the towel damp enough for a smooth glide on the surface of the car.

Step 2

Wipe ongoing in a back and forth motion either horizontal or vertical. We do not recommend going in circles. Going in circles may create undesired result.

Step 3

Repeat the same motion from step 2, but this time use a second clean microfiber cloth to finish off the polish. No need to use too much pressure here.


100 +
Vehicle wash per Week
1000 +
Jobs by end of 2021
100000 L
Per car wash

Clean and green

Source N Wash waterless wash product is developed with one of the world’s leading chemists.

As a vertically integrated company, Source N Wash manufacturers its own “100% plant-derived premium eco car care products” in Pretoria, South Africa. They are then distributed locally and globally. Throughout the development process, we ensure coherence with our core value of protecting the environment.

Therefore, all of our products are made with plant-derived ingredients, meaning they are bio-degradable. This ensures there is no more toxic waste going into the environment. The use of our products also saves between 38 and 70 gallons of water per wash when compared to conventional car washing methods. All this while still leaving your car with that premium shine.


  • We do not require water, we do not hook up to building water or utilities
  • We do not require drainage
  • We do not require dedicated parking spaces